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Employment Workshops

The chapter conducts periodic employment workshops to help newly migrated CA members and other members to navigate through the Australian job market. These workshops provide relevant and insightful knowledge and experiences, such as acclimatising to Australian workplace culture, tips on CV writing and interview preparation, and career advancement.

Re-design Yourself for the Australian Job market

Speakers: Rohan Weeraratne, Anthony Sofe, Mewan
Dissanayake and Janaka Kumara


The discussion included Australian workplace culture
and the importance of networking and marketing the
profile. The event also focused on insights on CV
screening, valuable interview tips, job opportunities at
public sector and regional Victoria.

Let Your Talent Shine for Success

Speaker: Pramitha Ransika


The discussion covered the necessity of online
presence nowadays; why it is equally important to sell
yourself the same as performing the job role; the
pivotality of the mindset to spear ahead, and more
important-ly, the criticality of being resilient more than


Reshaping Your Career

Speakers: Terry O’Reilly | Millon Landers


Terry discussed on the channels available for job
seekers, direct applications and external recruiters.
He further elaborated on the critical elements of
powerful resumes and cover letters and shared
important tips for job interviews.

Million covered the importance of reflecting on own
goals, identifying work priorities and work style,
undertaking research on prospective employers,

making meaningful connections and keeping LinkedIn
profile updated. He further elaborated on improving
soft skills including teamwork, communication, critical
thinking and time management.