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Committees are vital part of Chapter strategy and play a pivotal role in delivering Chapter services to our members and community. Chapter members play an active role in committees and Chapter encourages the members to add value by taking part in the committees. Current committees are,


  • Continues Professional Education (CPD)
  • Grants and Sponsorships
  • Information Technology and communication
  • Member Support
  • Investor and Business Relations


CPD committee’s primary objective is to assist members to update their technical knowledge and skills to enhance their professional competencies. CPD sessions also promotes networking and collaboration between members and our partners.


Grants and Sponsorships committee engages on non-member funding activities in a structured basis to ensure long term financial sustainability of the Chapter.



IT and Communication Committee assists in maintaining IT facilities, website, software licenses, and social media platforms. In addition, the committee actively, engages in maintaining social media communications.


Member Support committee assists members to acclimatise to the corporate, business, and social environment in Australia. Tools such as social media platforms, workshops and one-one interactions are used in delivering member support services.


The Investor and Business Relations Committee is responsible for developing, promoting and fostering trade and investment between Sri Lanka and Australia and to support economic and social development efforts of both countries.

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